What we do

  • A AN3 holds Exclusive Technology and Innovation in cleaning and removal of pollution caused by oil spills on water, cleaning of deck, docks, tanks, vessels, oil storage vessels and lines, in the clearing of oil pipelines, pipelines; treatment of oily water from the Slop Tank and from ETS - Effluent Treatment Station, providing ideal OGC with the lowest allowable amount of oils and greases in water.
  • The base of vegetable oils and additives that act on the superficial and interfacial tension between the organic and inorganic, making the oil migrate to the solution surface helping in the framework of OGC - Oils and Greases Content.
  • The technology used acts by breaking the emulsion, lubricating the walls of the pipeline and significantly altering the rheology of the high viscosity oils.
  • Our products are ecologically correct, we are proud to know that we participate in the worldwide action of our planet recovery.

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Product Aplications

Cleaning of Oil Storage Tanks:

We adopt unique and incomparable technology in cleaning and chemical inertization of oil tanks and equipment, with the shortest operating time without risk of life and environmental impact, without chemical reaction and waste generation, where the solution of the product used is reused for cleaning other tanks, keeping PH neutral so the oil returns to production with its original composition.

Vessel Deck Cleaning:

We perform all type of chemical cleaning of oil and grease from the platforms and tanks of vessels, contemplating all the floors and ship surface using our exclusive technology with the lowest cost-benefit of the market.

Dock Cleaning:

We also offer exclusive technology for cleaning and removal of pollution caused by oil spills on waters, covering the entire basin for shipping lines of vessels linked to loading and unloading operations of naval industry.

Clearance of Oil Pipelines and Derivatives:

Oil transport in pipelines and their derivatives through a wide network of pipelines and terminals is a very important modality of transportation and products transfer that due to its high viscosity obstructs the passage pipes for transportation.

A AN3 has developed unique technology that is heavily used for cleaning and unclogging pipeline networks for efficient transportation of oil and its byproducts

Clearance of Production Columns:

We develop solutions and technology heavily used in clearing unscheduled stop columns, providing a faster return on the operation.

Oily Water Treatment:

Development of solutions through additives for treatment of oily water for OGC framing - Oils and Grease Content in ETS - Effluent Treatment Station and Sloop Tanks.

Treatment of Environmental Liabilities:

Technology and solution in the removal of pollution on water and sand caused by oil spill and contamination.

Heavy Oil Flow:

Heavy oil has high viscosity in the reservoir conditions and do not flow easily, their API density is lower than 20 ° API, presenting high sulfur, asphaltenes and metals content. Considering this scenario, Biosul International has developed a solution to increase the flow and its velocity, and also the recovery of heavy oil and paraffinic, increasing production and significantly reducing costs of production and energy.

Recovery of Marginal Field of Oil Production:

For many reasons, many oil wells decline its production due to obstruction and many other factors. In this challenging situation, Biosul International has developed technology and solution to promote rehabilitation of inactive oilfields, considered to be anti-economic by large oil companies, and located in several regions of the world, some with a low development level.

Our Exclusive Productsft primary"

In the solution and technology applied in our operations, we have developed with international exclusivity, products with chemical characteristics where the pH is neutral and does not react (without chemical reaction), its balanced formulation provides its attraction in the oil rheology, interfacial tension between the organism(Oil) and inorganic (rock), surface tension and emulsion breakage.

Main Features

  • biodegradable
  • non toxic
  • nom flamable
  • PH neutral
  • Organochlorine free.
  • Free from Aromatic solvents.
  • 100% water soluble and reusable for various operations
  • Free from heavy metals.
  • Can be transported by water rejection by steam, lifting gas, CO2
  • It makes the oil migrate to the solution surface in the oily water treatment, for OGC (Oil and Grease Content) classification in the ETPs (Effluent Treatment Plant) and Slops Tanks..

BDO 2000 video

CLeaning of Tanks and ducts of oil, sand and others oil cantamination....


Our Biggest Challenge

Seek solutions with sustainability, commitment to the environment, the life and total satisfaction of our clients with excellence and international recognition.