About us

About us

A AN3 is a product company which started its activities with oil industry in Rio de Janeiro-Brazil, 10 years ago.

By intellectual capital, researchers and highly qualified technical staff with extensive experience in the oil segment have created solutions with technological innovation over the years that have acquired know-how to offer solutions for chemical cleaning of oil.

With unique, personalized and incomparable technology, we offer solutions for chemical cleaning of petroleum with biodegradable products, non-toxic and ecologically correct.

A AN3 invests in technological development, research, innovation and also seeks continuous improvement of its production and operation processes, within the best international standards of quality, environment and health with sustainability.

A AN3 seeks to maximize the production capacity of the chemical or petrochemical plants. A perfect maintenance schedule is essential for all projects and we carry out this work with a great reduction of operating time.


  • Our products are biodegradable and non-toxic.
  • 30% higher performance than other similar products.
  • Reduced cleaning operation time by at least 50%.
  • Expressive gains in productivity.
  • Significant reduction in operating costs.
  • Proven financial return.
  • Reduction of accident risks, preserving employees' lives and health.
  • 100% reduction in environmental impacts, preserving the environment.
  • Reduced production downtime on platforms and operations in general.
  • Reuse of used product and oil for production.


AN3 with a transnational role in the solution in Oil Cleaning, considering Storage Tanks, Pipelines, Process Piping in Industrial Facilities, Tank Ships, Improvement of Heavy Oil Crude Oil Well Flow, Cleaning of Equipment and others, assumes the commitment to develop all its businesses, with socio-environmental responsibility, fulfilling the following requirements:

  • Ensure total customer satisfaction by meeting their requirements;
  • Meet the legislation and regulations of safety, environment and health;
  • Raise risk perception of employees and stakeholders through safe prevention behavior with the goal of ZERO accidents in all our operations.
  • Use natural resources responsibly, controlling, mitigating and preventing environmental impacts and generation of waste and pollution.
  • Establish and maintain an integrated management system focused on risk management, change management, processes, environmental aspects and impacts, hazards and risks of work.
  • Meet international standards of excellence with a focus on results and reducing operating costs for our customers.
  • Promote knowledge management and the quality of life of our employees.
  • Seek continuous improvement for productivity excellence, performance, reliability and efficiency of Integrated Management System of BIOSUL INTERNATIONAL that allow us to carry out investments and growth of the company and also development and growth of our clients.


Offer customized integrated solutions with products of unparalleled value for chemical petroleum cleaning in response to customers' challenges with innovation, technology, safety and sustainability.


Increase productivity in the oil cleaning operation of our customers around the world, with 50% reduction of time and financial return guaranteed, meeting high international standards with no risk to life and to environment.


All business of BIOSUL INTERNATIONAL are based on principles and ethical values that must be understood and practiced by all concerned parties:

  • Respect and Honesty.
  • Ethical and Responsible Conduct.
  • Relation of Trust and Transparency.
  • Relation of Trust and Transparency.

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